9-year-old student discovered with gun at Helen Marie Smith Elementary

Photo: MGNOnline

UPDATE as of Sept. 20, 2018

The father of the nine-year-old boy who brought a gun and ammo to a local elementary school could face criminal charges.

CCSD Police Captain Roberto Morales says they are asking the District Attorney to charge the father with child endangerment.

Captain Morales says he hopes that parents who own guns will be reminded to ensure the guns are secure, encouraging responsible gun ownership, so that young children can not get their hands on them.


CCSD Police report that a 9-year-old boy was discovered with a gun at Helen Marie Smith Elementary school, near Buffalo and Alta.

The gun, a .22 caliber gun was discovered Wednesday morning after 8:30 in the morning. The kid was reportedly showing it to other students.

An anonymous student said something to a teacher about the gun, and the teacher went on to report the presence of the weapon to school administrators.

The administration took the kid’s backpack, which contained the gun, and CCSD police were contacted.

The gun was unloaded but the child was found to have ammunition with him.

The boy was referred over to The Harbor Diversion Program. Child protective services were also contacted and advised.

CCSD Police Captain Roberto Morales says that parents should talk to their kids about gun safety, and should let them know that if they see something, to report it to adults.

There have been at least five other incidents involving firearms at Clark County schools this school year, including the shooting of an 18-year-old at Canyon Springs High School on September 11.

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