A Pitbull becomes a police dog and shows off crime fighting skills in Las Vegas

Kiah, the pit bull police dog, ready to fight crime & find drugs. (Sandra Gonzalez/KSNV)

Pit bulls don't always have a good reputation, but one is aiming to change it. Kiah is now a member of one police force.

Kiah is a crime fighting pit bull. This K9 is part of the Poughkeepsie Police Department in New York. She's trained to use her nose to find drugs and fight crime.

Dr David Adebimpe of ScentLogix hid a pseudo-cocaine product to demonstrate how well Kiah can find drugs.

"When trained on this, the dog goes and finds real cocaine, better than trained on real cocaine itself," said Adebimpe.

The substance was hidden behind a car's gas cap and Kiah found it right away.

"You want a dog with high drive, play drive. The ball is a big thing with her. She loves the tennis ball. And that's her reward," said Poughkeepsie Police Officer Justin Bruzgal,

Bruzgul says Kiah was rescued from a Texas animal shelter. He says now that she can do police work, other pit bulls can too.

"To get these dogs that have had these drives to be placed in a police department where you can put them to work and they have a purpose, and they're there to fight crime," said Bruzgal.

Kiah, a formerly abused pet, is now a solid member of the Poughkeepsie police force.

Kiah has completed the patrol part of her training, has been in narcotics training and is on her way to be certified as soon as May.

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