A violent home invasion case catches a big break with two arrests

Samuel Kealoha Keli Roaque and Immanuel Tre Collins have been identified as two of the suspects in a violent home invasion of an elderly couple. (LVMPD/KSNV)

A Las Vegas couple survived a violent home invasion that left them in the hospital.

Bob and Carin Bachant are relieved to know police have arrested two out of the three robbers.

“It makes me feel better. When they get the third, I'll feel even better because my husband is in excruciating pain,” said Carin Bachant.

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Immanuel Collins and Samuel Roaque are behind bars at the Clark County Detention Center. Investigators say they’re facing home invasion, robbery, battery, kidnapping and grand larceny charges.

It’s a morning the Bachant’s are still trying to piece together. The robbery happened Dec. 27 at their home near Flamingo and Decatur.

“My head hurt because they were banging on it,” explained Bob Bachant.

“You can see they also must've choked me because I'm bruised all the way down here,” said Carin, as she pointed to her neck.

Police say the robbers got in by breaking a window next to the front door.

The men fractured Carin’s jaw.

They broke Bob’s ribs.

“I figured, we got to find some way to get these guys out of the house because they wanted money,” said Bob.

When the crooks couldn’t get into the Bachant’s safe, Bob’s mind turned to the garage.

“Finally I said, take the car and go. (They said) What car? I said the Tesla in the garage. Go! And they did,” noted Bob.

The crooks hit reverse, dragging Bob as they sped away.

Luckily, police later found the Tesla. But the driver’s side door is damaged.

“Now my car will be in the shop for God knows how long,” explained Carin.

While the Tesla can be fixed, the one thing Carin wants back can’t be replaced.

“I want my mother's wedding ring back,” she continued.

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