Absinthe offering NYE adults-only entertainment package

    Absinthe offering NYE adults-only entertainment package

    If you’re still looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve, how about a show?

    Absinthe is hosting a New Year’s Eve party complete with an open bar and close-up views of the fireworks from the Strip without being packed into a small space.

    It’s often called the Greatest Show on the Strip. Gazillionaire is the crass and entertaining host of the adult circus.

    He said, “So, on New Year’s Eve were going to have a party as we’ve never had here at Absinthe. A party like you’ve never had in Las Vegas.”

    “The moment you get here, you walk through the door, you say, oh wow what’s this place. I come flying around the corner, you don’t even see me. I put a drink in your hand. I lead each person to their seat. I’m giving massages. She’s giving foot rubs," he said.

    Ok, that last part may be a stretch but there is a champagne toast to kick start the party with the late show that begins at 9:30 pm.

    Gazillionaire said it’s, “The best show in the history of Las Vegas.” His assistant Wanda Widdles echoed that sentiment and added, “The best show ever!”

    It’s a cocktail infused adult circus chock full of incredible talent.

    “Acrobats. You’ll see lots of singing. You’ll see some monkeys. We’re going to bring in the monkeys. We’re going to bring in the flaming hoops. And bowls and bowls of cheerios. Everyone loves cheerios especially on New Year’s. And it’s going to be Pop Rocks in your mouth.” Gazillionaire replied, “Ok, stop talking. None of that is true.”

    What is true? “Dancers. Singers. People flipping around. People lifting each other tapping around.”

    The unparalleled talent as close-up as you can get on the Strip. Then afterward, a private strip-view party.

    “Everyone else is going to be packed together in a bar or in a club,” Gazillionaire said. “I’m gonna open up my courtyard just for the people at the show and they get plenty of room, so none of this. You get plenty of this.”

    It also comes with an open bar and light appetizers. Then “At midnight, fireworks, fireworks, fireworks. You get to watch it and you get to hang out till one,” he said.

    Only one word of warning, “Do not bring children,” he said. It’s 18 and up.

    Tickets are on sale now. To learn more about Absinthe or to purchase tickets, click here.

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