Activist Tom Steyer holds Las Vegas town hall to impeach President Trump

Activist Tom Steyer holds Las Vegas town hall to impeach President Trump

He's a billionaire, an environmentalist and someone who says he's now committed to seeing President Donald Trump impeached.

Tom Steyer held a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, attracting a crowd of only about 50 like-minded people, but insisting his ideas are part of a nationwide movement.

"We have over 6.8 million people who've signed the petition. Last week we added between 20 and 40-thousand people per day," said Steyer.

He stopped short of specifically listing which criminal actions the president has committed, but did blame and chastise him for the ongoing government shutdown.

Steyer himself reportedly once considered a presidential run.

Now, though he says he'll concentrate on the impeachment and also to seeing that 5-specific ideas, become rights in America, including a right to a living wage, a right to free education, and a right to health.

"We wrote the Bill of Rights in the 18th century. This is the 21st century. We have inherent rights that aren't being recognized," said Steyer.

The president, according to Steyer, represents the opposite of those ideals.

A Republican National Committee spokesperson did send a statement of response that reads: "Finding time in his busy schedule filled with an unhealthy fixation on impeaching our president, Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer's big pockets are swinging through the Silver State today as he tries to buy support for his unpopular movement. Unfortunately for him, his plans to roll back America's progress are clearly out of step with Nevadans." - Renae Eze, RNC Spokesperson.

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