After DUI checkpoint leads to 23 arrests, enforcement continues in the valley

Law enforcement officers make 23 DUI arrests at a Sunday checkpoint in the west valley.... but what comes next, enforcement-wise?

On Sunday, a DUI enforcement checkpoint in the west valley led to nearly 2 dozen arrests. Between 5:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m., there were 23 DUI's, 3 felony child endangerment arrests, and one felony possession of ecstasy arrest, according to NHP.

"We got one within 16 minutes of being out there, and 22 throughout the night," Andrew Bennett said. "Our goal is zero. Zero fatalities, zero DUI's."

Bennett is with the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety. He explained that DUI checkpoints serve a dual purpose, in stopping the impaired drivers already out on the road, and dissuading others from getting behind the wheel.

“The checkpoints are a valuable tool for both education and enforcement," Bennett said.

The public is typically only aware of added DUI enforcement during "peak consumption" days, according to Bennett, which means days like Super Bowl Sunday, New Year's Eve, etc. However, that doesn't mean the enforcement stops there.

“Every cop is out there looking for impaired drivers at one point or another," he said. “They could be out there at any time. This is something that is unique. We have additional cars out there almost every day, looking for impaired drivers. Between grant-funded overtime, the strike team, or a normal Joe-trooper out there. They will find you and you will get that DUI.”

Bennett emphasized the importance of utilizing one of the many different services out there that are designed to get drivers home safely, like cabs and ride-share services.

On top of that, he reminds people that a designated driver isn't a person who is, "the soberest," but rather, a person who is sober.

"It's a hundred percent preventable," he said. "This is a daily occurrence, and we still have a lot of work to do, again, with education, to getting folks to understand that you simply shouldn't be getting behind the wheel."

LVMPD, NHP, and the Office of Traffic Safety teamed up to create a DUI Strike Team in Southern Nevada. Since its inception in October of 2018, officers have made more than 300 arrests.

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