After legal battle with the media, LVMPD to begin release of 1 October shooting evidence

“To begin the process, the videos of two of our officers who had their body cameras activated during a portion of the entry into the suspect's hotel room will be released tomorrow,” Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told the media Tuesday.

Lombardo did not want to do this while his investigation is continuing. But on Wednesday, his department will begin a process that will last months - releasing documents and video that detail our night of terror.

The media took him to court and won, arguing you the public have the right to know how police responded.

“At no point was the LVMPD trying to be uncooperative with the media or the public,” Lombardo said.

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Lombardo says the release will cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars and will divert detectives, who will have to sift through the material, from other investigations.

He said he is also worried about the impact the material will cause.

“We believe the release of the graphic footage will further traumatize a wounded community,” Lombardo said. “For that, we apologize.”

Fifty-eight people died as a result of the shooting that night. Hundreds more were wounded. Thousands more had to run for their lives.

Teacher Jennifer Manning was one of them, telling me she's okay with the fact that the material will be released.

“The kind of trauma that's gonna come from watching released footage would be trauma that I could choose, myself, to watch, whereas the trauma I experienced, I did not get the choice,” Manning said.

LVMPD promises a full report and says nothing we are about to see changes the facts it has already stated.

“For that reason, we caution you from making conclusions based on any single release,” says Lombardo, who promises more material in a couple weeks.

And so we wait for October first to be relived in detail.

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