Amazon plans to hire a thousand people for new North Las Vegas operation

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Amazon plans to hire a thousand people for new North Las Vegas operation.

Buy it on Amazon, and chances are pretty good your purchase will get pulled, packaged and sent on its way from a fulfillment center in North Las Vegas.

Thursday, Amazon opened the doors for a sneak peek of its new 855,000 square foot building.

“This is the 4th facility in North Las Vegas. They have a total of six in Nevada. They found a home here with us,” says North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee.

Did they ever.

Thursday, the mayor and a bunch of others got a tour. A thousand people will get hired for this facility, which will be a real mix of man and machine.

Here's how it works, according to the guy who will run it.

“So, we will have thousands of these robots in the building,” says Ed Escalante, the fulfillment center’s general manager.

The robots he’s talking about looks more like oversized versions of the low-to-the-ground automatic vacuum cleaners people buy for their homes. The robots will be on several floors of this fulfillment center and will be guided by what looks like scanner codes embedded in the floor.

When merchandise comes in, it will be put on racks stacked on the robots. They will roll to people pulling your order, who will put it on a conveyor belt, where it will slide down, get packaged, and sent out the door.

“As our customer demand increases we open a facility like this so that we can deliver faster products to our customers,” says Escalante.

Amazon got tax abatements from the state to build here. The fulfillment center, the largest Amazon facility in North Las Vegas, sits on nearly 20 acres of land in an industrial park within view of I-15.

“What's great about this location is the immediate access to almost the entire southwestern United States,” says Keith Earnest, whose company, VanTrust Real Estate, is developing the land.

In the meantime, North Las Vegas says it stepped up with some serious speed, allowing permits to fly.

“I will tell you we got the fastest cars in the world over here at the speedway. The fastest airplanes at Nellis Air Force base and the fastest building department in the country,” says Mayor Lee.

Amazon did not have hard dates yet, but it says expect hiring to start and this building to be finished, sometime before the 4th quarter of 2019, just in time for next year’s holiday season.

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