Are you using your air conditioning efficiently? Experts weigh in


With high temperatures forecasted to continue, many locals are taking full advantage of their home’s air conditioning system. Whether or not they’re using it most efficiently, however, is another matter.

"I like it cold because that's my favorite thing about the house -- is that's it's cold,” said 9-year-old Las Vegan, David Zelasko III.

The 9-year-old has grown to love the conditions inside his home, though that may be from the handy work of his dad who keeps a close eye on that thermostat.

"Honestly we just try to keep it at 78 the whole time so we don't have to fluctuate,” said Zelasko II. “Just let the family get used to one temperature."

It's an age old question: is it better to leave your air running all day, at the same temperature, like the Zelaskos? Or should you set your thermostat a few degrees higher, or even off, when you aren’t home? Turning it back low once you get in?

"I would recommend just to set a temperature you're happy with and just to leave it there,” said Stephen Gamst with Geottl Air Conditioning.

Gamst hears it from customers day-after-day, when temps soar so do energy bills. He says the cost to keep cool doesn't have to be as pricey, though.

"Keeping that filter clean is the most important thing a homeowner can do, outside of that, I'd recommend having a professional come and clean the coils at least once every season,” said Gamst.

Gamst says looking into a system upgrade can also end up saving you money if you have an older unit...

It seems consistency for your current systems, consistency is best, as they do in the Zelasko house.

"Just keep it on one temperature, don't listen to all of the different families that would like it on lower temperatures,” said Zelasko. “Hey, tell them to take some clothes off in the house! They'll be fine!"

Also, don't forget, cooling down with liquids -- the old fashioned way -- works too.

"Drink lots of coconut water it makes you hydrated,” said Zelasko III. “I love coconut water!"

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