Argument over parking spot may have led to murder, suspect still at large

One man was shot and killed in southwest valley, and witnesses say it may have been over a parking spot. (KSNV)

Good samaritan Amecia Taylor spoke about 30-year-old Shane Pacada.

According to friends, Pacada is the man who was shot in the chest and killed in the Mosaic Aprtments parking lot Wednesday, Feb. 6.

Taylor said, "I was just pryaing he would make it. I didn't want him--I was praying he would make it."

Taylor found Pacada outside her door.

Taylor said, "I heard someone screaming outside, so I walk out to my patio and see what is going on. I see the guy laying there. I immediately grabbed towels."

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Taylor also called 911. Officers rushed to the aprtment building's parking lot just after 5:00 p.m. near Sunset Road and Durango Drive.

Taylor says Pacada's friend, even though he was wounded too, was right next to him on the ground.

Officers say a gunman fired on both Pacada and his friend, hitting the second man once in the arm.

Taylor said, “I tried to help the other guy who got shot in the arm. Put towels around his arm.”

Detectives say an argument broke out between the three men. Witnesses say Pacada and his friend arrived in the parking lot in separate cars when they ran into the suspect who was ina third car.

Taylor remembers Pacada's friend saying something about what happened to them as paramedics.

“He did say it was an argument. He seemed like he was in shock. He kept on saying his best friend," she said.

Witnesses say the argument was possibly over a parking spot.

Taylor said, "It’s honestly a petty reason to get into an altercation, actually shoot somebody over a parking space.”

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