Argument over parking spot may have sparked deadly stabbing

Sheyland Barnett stabbed and killed Galean Simon Wednesday, Dec. 6., and it could have all been over a parking spot. (KSNV)

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, just before 5 p.m., Sheyland Barnett, 32, engaged in a vicious fight with Galean Simon, 38, at a parking lot in the 6800 block of Bermuda Road.

The fight, according to homicide detectives, may have been the result of an argument over a parking spot Barnett had with Simon’s cousin, who works at the parking lot’s call center, on Dec. 3.

According to detectives, Simon’s cousin called him fearing Barnett would hurt her after he returned to the area of their argument, Wednesday afternoon.

Simon arrived at the parking lot with his girlfriend, intending to escort his cousin to her car safely.

Detectives say Barnett saw Simon’s cousin and initiated a verbal fight.

The fight became physical between Barnett and Simon, and at some point, Barnett pulled out a knife.

Barnett stabbed Simon, and when Simon’s girlfriend tried to intervene, Barnett stabbed her as well.

At some point during the exchange, Barnett stabbed himself, too.

Simon’s cousin was not hurt and was able to call police from the call center.

Robert Burns, a man who works at the call center where the stabbing occurred, said, “My reaction is that there are a lot of people that just need to keep personal things personal, professional things professional, because it was a personal matter. Two individuals had brought personal things from outside of work into the business."

Burns was aware his co-worker feared Barnett would hurt her after the initial argument two days previous.

“It’s unfortunate someone lost their life,” Burns said.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested Barnett at a Henderson hospital where he went to get his own stab wounds treated.

LVMPD Lt. Ray Spencer said, “There were physical violence threats. As for specifics, I don’t have it. It’s enough that she was fearful to call someone to walk her out to her car.”

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