At least 45 students exposed to pepper spray after Western High School fight, 4 arrested

Parents are now able to pick up their students. I spoke to one mom who was visibly upset. She said her heart dropped when she saw all the officers

2:40 P.M. UPDATE | Clark County School District officials said racial or cultural differences were behind a fight Thursday at Western High School.

Police have arrested four students and said 12 people were directly involved in the initial fight.

ORIGINAL | An estimated 45 to 50 students are being treated for exposure to pepper spray after a fight today at Western High School.

The fighting started during lunch time in the cafeteria and spilled out into the quad area, according to Clark County School District Police.

The fire department was treating students at the scene. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers were also assisting.

"We've had some daily occurrences of fighting this week so we are trying to find the root and trying to address it," Clark County School District Police Capt. Roberto Morales told News 3. "There will be multiple citations."

Morales said the school normally has two officers assigned to it, but currently has one with another one assigned at times.

Morales said fighting has occurred each day this week.

"We are dedicating multiple officers until we can identify the problem and control it and get the students back into a learning environment," he said. "We can trace this fighting back to Monday."

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