18-year-old dead in shooting outside Canyon Springs High School was student

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    An 18-year-old student was shot and killed on school grounds at Canyon Springs High School, near Alexander Road and 5th Street, according to North Las Vegas Police.

    The shooting took place outside the school building, not far from the baseball field, after school let out, police said. While it was after hours, there were still several hundred students on campus for various after-school activities.

    “It had nothing to do necessarily with Canyon Springs High School, other than that it was on the northwest property line, out west of the baseball fields,” NLVPD Chief Justin Roberts said.

    NLVPD reports that the victim, who was 18, was transported to a nearby hospital and later died. In a statement released Wednesday, police said detectives confirmed the victim was a student enrolled at Canyon Springs High School.

    No suspect is in custody. Police are interviewing witnesses and attempting to locate the suspect.

    Chief Roberts explained they first thought it was an active shooter situation, but quickly determined on the scene that it was an isolated incident.

    “We believe this was a targeted act,” he said. “We knew relatively quickly, but we maintained that level of officers on the scene until we finished the inside of the school.”

    One of the students who heard the gunshots was Floid Strickland. He called his mother and aunt moments after the shots rang out after he felt he was safe.

    “I said, ‘Ma, I was out there on the field and I heard gunshots, I think somebody got shot.’ Then I ran to the locker room,” he said. “Because, bullets don’t got no names, I thought I was going to die.”

    CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara has released the following statement about the shooting:

    Today, after school, there was a targeted act of violence outside of the Canyon Springs High School building, and a life was lost.
    On behalf of the CCSD Board of School Trustees, I extend my condolences to the victim’s family.
    While most students had left the campus for the day, several hundred magnet students and athletes were on campus. I want to thank administrators and teachers who worked quickly to ensure all students were moved into the school safely for our lock down procedures. Staff members followed their training and kept students calm until the lock down was lifted.
    We are thankful for our School Police who were already on campus and were able to respond immediately. We are also grateful for the response and partnership of the North Las Vegas Police Department, who provided assistance to contain the situation quickly. North Las Vegas Police are the lead on this case and will join School Police for an increased presence on and around campus tomorrow.
    School will be in session tomorrow at Canyon Springs High School and counselors will be available to all students and staff in need.
    If anyone has information regarding today’s incident, please call school police at 702-799-5411 or local law enforcement.

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