Attorneys seek to ensure Scott Dozier won't be executed until 2018

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Today, a local judge sat over a hearing for the death row prisoner who has repeatedly said he’s ready to die.

Convicted murderer, and death row inmate, Scott Dozier was not in the courtroom, but he was able to speak out via video conference today.

His execution was set to happen on November 14th but the judge postponed it over concerns that the drug cocktail could be considered inhumane. The Nevada Department of Corrections and Attorney General's Office asked for the stay, citing more legal issues that have to be worked out first.

Dozier was convicted of the 2002 murder of 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller, whose dismembered body was found stuffed in a suitcase, and tossed in a dumpster at a Las Vegas apartment complex.

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Dozier has said repeatedly that he's ready to die. The judge accused him of trying to manipulate the court. She questioned his motives with the many execution hearings after he wrote two letters asking her to reconsider her motion to strike out one of the drugs, the paralytic, from the lethal injection.

Dozier responded, saying he’s no longer concerned with the paralytic now that the amount of fentanyl, another drug set to be used in the execution, has been increased.

Things were also tense in court between the attorneys.

“It is Mr. Dozier’s call he’s the one who decides the goals of representation — not his attorneys. So if you’re inclined to allow us to pursue reconsideration I’d like to file the written motion,” said Jonathan VanBoskerck with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.

In the end, the judge is allowing the motion to reconsider. The attorneys are scheduled to be back in court next week.

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