‘Backyard breeder’ facing criminal charges after 164 Pomeranians found in U-Haul truck

164 Pomeranians were rescued from a breeder in Sandy Valley, Nev. (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

A so-called "backyard breeder" who stuffed 164 Pomeranians into the back of a U-Haul truck near Sandy Valley in November is now at the center of a criminal investigation.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to News 3 that investigators have submitted criminal charges to the Clark County District Attorney’s office.

News 3 first told you about the dogs back in November. They were found in a truck with no food, water, or ventilation.

In the days following, there was a whirlwind of interest to adopt them.

The Animal Foundation brought in nearly $100,000 auctioning off the Pomeranians.

According to the shelter, the money will help them save another 350 animals that are still waiting at the Animal Foundation for new homes.

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Katrina Concepcion adopted one of the Pomeranians 10 days ago.

She said it’s hard not to pamper the newest member of her family.

“She sleeps in a gold bed now. She has lot of clothes and doggy dates. She goes to brunches,” said Concepcion.

She named her Merleyn Monroe.

“I used the Merle term because her color is a blue Merle. Now thinking back about it, it's also the name of a wizard. So, she's half 1950's icon, half mystical wizard,” explained Concepcion.

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Kelly Leahy with the Animal Foundation says just a few dogs remain in foster homes.

“We found these dogs needed a lot of socialization. They hadn't been around people much. They hadn't been around men, in particular, so they were a little bit timid, a little bit shy. They need time and patience,” explained Leahy.

News 3 has learned one Pomeranian was returned to the shelter the same day it was adopted after snapping at a family member. One pregnant Pomeranian had to be put down and two dogs got into a fight and are recovering in separate homes.

“Given the large number of dogs, and the trauma they experienced before they were rescued, there were very, very few issues,” noted Leahy.

As for little Merleyn, she’s got her own Instagram account where she’s melting hearts, even after all she’s been through.

“They love her gold bed. She also takes great selfies,” explained Concepcion.

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