Cliven Bundy vows to take fight to Supreme Court

Cliven Bundy (left) appears in federal court Wednesday, May 25, 2016, in downtown Las Vegas. [Sketch courtesy of Stewart Freshwater]

Wednesday's hearing was quick and a blow to Cliven Bundy's quest to be freed from federal custody.

His attorney Joel Hansen - upset with the decision - vows to fight it.

"I'm disappointed but I'm not surprised. I didn't think she was going to rule in our favor but of course, lawyers need to make a record for the appellate court. We have plenty of evidence we have corruption going on here," Hansen said.

Bundy and his attorney claim his constitutional rights are being violated. They feel federal judge Gloria Navarro should be removed from his bail hearings because, in part, she was recommended to her position by Senator Harry Reid.

Bundy feels he's being held as a political prisoner by the Nevada senator and President Barack Obama.

"This judge is taking orders from Harry Reid and President Obama. They want to destroy Cliven Bundy and his family," Hansen said.

Navarro ruled she does not have a conflict in this case and also denied Bundy's motion to be released on bail, saying Bundy is both a flight risk and a danger to the community. Bundy is charged with organizing an armed militia against federal officers.

Attorney Larry Klayman who wants to represent Bundy in this case said the denials by the judge could be a blessing in disguise.

"She's now given us ground to quash or dismiss the indictment to go up to the ninth circuit and we're prepared if necessary to go to the Supreme Court," Klayman said.

It's a legal battle with no end in sight, currently, while Cliven Bundy remains behind bars awaiting the outcome.

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