Banking bombshell: Are Las Vegas companies safe from hackers?

Banking bombshell.PNG

The so-called "Panama Papers," is believed to be the biggest data leak in history. It's exposing how some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people, including leaders like Vladimir Putin may be hiding billions off-shore.

In Las Vegas, the news is troubling where the big money comes to and through Las Vegas every minute of every day, leaving many in our valley concerned about just how protected we are from a similar hack and breach.

Troy Wilkinson with Axiom Cyber Solutions tells News 3, that the Panama Papers leak represents the biggest data leak in the history of the world.

He says small businesses in Las Vegas often think they are too small for a breach, only to learn that they are the victims of attempted breaches thousands of times a day.

"These hackers are inside before you find out," said Wilkinson. That's why he says you need to protect your business before it's too late.

"Seventy-one percent of small businesses find they are a target as to the casinos," said Wilkinson. "The larger enterprises I would estimate, face multi-million scan/breach attempts each month," he continued.

Las Vegas casinos are some of the most protected systems in the world but the game changes every day and hackers like those in the Panama case are determined.

The best way to protect yourself? Virus software. And demanding that every business that gets your personal information has top notch security in their systems.

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