Berkeley, CA declared itself a pot 'sanctuary' - could Southern Nevada be next?

Berkeley, CA declared itself a pot 'sanctuary' - could Southern Nevada be next? (KSNV)

Marijuana industry experts are calling on local leaders in Southern Nevada to declare itself a “sanctuary” for marijuana, following the lead of Berkeley, California, which approved the historic measure Tuesday night.

The Berkeley City Council approved a resolution to declare itself as a “sanctuary city” for marijuana Tuesday, sending a bold message to the Trump administration.

“We should ensure that our police will not be involved in the enforcement of federal drug laws and implementing a failed ‘War on Drugs," said Berkeley's Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

The bold statement is aimed at the Trump administration, which rolled back Obama-Era policies that ordered the feds to leave marijuana businesses alone.

Jason Sturtsman is a cannabis consultant who works with several marijuana businesses in Southern Nevada.

Sturtsman says Berkeley’s vote is more symbolic than practical however, he still wants local city and county leaders in Southern Nevada to take a stand and protect Nevada’s thriving green industry which remakes in tens of millions of dollars each month.

“A symbolic gesture is not going to provide security but it makes the power that is in Washington know that each individual state is standing up for its citizens, standing up for cannabis businesses and standing up for its consumers”, said Sturtsman.

Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak said the pot sanctuary issue was not quite on his radar but he plans on educating himself on the matter and speaking with the sheriff before he can make up his mind on the possibility.

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