'Bienvenidos' app aims to help people illegally cross the Mexico – U.S border

'Bienvenidos' app aims to help people illegally cross the mexico – U.S border (ksnv)

“Bienvenidos” is the name of a smartphone app in development.

The website says the future app will help people illegally cross the border between Mexico and the United States.

The tool promises to provide immigrants real-time information on the best routes to evade Border Patrol agents and other obstacles and hazards. According to the website, the app will be open to users in 2018 by crowdsourcing information.

The “Bienvenidos” creators ensure that users can see updates on the construction of the border wall in real time, as well as reports on vulnerable areas, and places to hide.

Jesús Marquez, a political analyst, adds that this application is counter-productive. Marquez says it opens doors for bad actors like cartel and terrorists.

“Remember the wall is just not the wall it is going to come with more infrastructure, more technology, drone sensors cameras, and more agents", Marquez said.

On Monday, the U.S. Senate decided they will start an immigration debate, which could also include talks on border security enhancements.

The app claims it will outsmart any wall with real-time updates by keeping tabs on vulnerabilities.

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