Las Vegas wins big on the big game weekend

The Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority is expecting some solid numbers through Super Bowl weekend

Las Vegas is expecting some big numbers for the big football game this Sunday. McCarran International Airport is projecting 515,000 travelers to come in and leave between Friday and Monday.

The local sports books are also expecting a huge bump in business. Jay Kornegay, Executive VP at the Westgate Superbook, says their biggest numbers are the first weekend of March Madness and Super Bowl Sunday.

However, he says the crowds are different.

"They're a little different in a couple ways. Super Bowl, you see an older crowd, a lot more females, a lot more couples versus March Madness, which is like a fraternity party," Kornegay said.

Kornegay also sees changes in who's putting down their money, than a typical NFL Sunday.

"It's a little different from a regular season weekend for our book," Kornegay added. "We see 80 percent locals in here, but for the Super Bowl, it will be flip-flopped. About 80 percent will be from out of town."

The Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority is also expecting some solid numbers through Super Bowl weekend. "We're forecasting about 306,000 visitors coming into town over the weekend which is a strong weekend," said Kevin Bagger, Vice-President of Research.

"We're estimating occupancy to be about 93.55, which by Vegas standards is actually not our peak weekend," Bagger added, "but it's one of our stronger weekends and Super Bowl absolutely drives that."

Bagger says Las Vegas has a lot more to offer Super Bowl fans than the host city.

"In one weekend," Bagger said, "you can see the Super Bowl, you can see Lady Gaga, you can see Van Morrison, you can see George Strait, and ZZ Top. If that doesn't show Vegas, I don't know what does!"

Bagger feels tourism numbers will be even bigger in the near future when Las Vegas hosts a Super Bowl at Raiders Stadium.

"That's just going to be fantastic. That's not scientific. That's not research." said Bagger. "That's gonna be incredible."

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