'The Big Squeeze' will tighten traffic on U.S. 95 starting tonight

Nevada Department of Transportation is advising drivers to take alternate routes to stay off the squeezed down U.S. 95. 3/15/17 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

The Big Squeeze is about to tighten up traffic on the U.S. 95 near the Spaghetti Bowl.

As part of Project Neon, U.S. 95 will be restricted to two lanes in each direction.

The move is expected to cause significant delays on the freeway.

NDOT is encouraging drivers to take alternate routes on surface streets like Decatur, Rancho, and Valley View.

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"Valley View is like the Las Vegas Strip," said Bill Daane, who lives off Valley View. "It's busier then hell."

Daane said traffic in his neighborhood is already bad enough.

"If you're going to do something to the freeway it's going to be twice as bad. I can't believe they're going to do that," Daane said.

He's not looking forward to it, but Daane and drivers will have to get used to the restrictions. U.S. 95 will not fully reopen until Jan. 2018.

The Big Squeeze starts tightening traffic Monday night at 9 p.m.

NDOT is also recommending using the app Waze to get around.

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