Bikers rally for motorcycle safety in Downtown Las Vegas in wake of tragic death


On Saturday, several biker organizations gathered in town to raise awareness about motorcycle safety.

Thousands of bikers took over Downtown Las Vegas, and they’re sending a message to drivers to please stop driving distracted.

Yesterday evening, a 52-year-old motorcyclist lost his life after police say a car switched lanes, knocking him from his bike. Another vehicle then accidentally ran him over.

With more motorcycles hitting the pavement as the seasons change, biking safety advocates are sending a reminder to drivers,

“It's not the bike’s fault that riders are going down,” said Laurie Montoya, President & Founder of Biker Down Foundation. “Certainly there's statistics that would show there's rider error, and certainly at times they ride irresponsibly. But 85 percent of Motorcycle accidents are caused by distracted driving.”

Motorcycle accidents are up 21 percent from last year, and the bikers at Saturday’s rally are asking drivers to pay attention to the road -- look twice, save a life.

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