Bikes, bodies, and bare butts: Las Vegas' first World Naked Bike Ride

It's a first in Las Vegas! A worldwide event where participants ride bikes in the buff. [Kelsey Thomas - KSNV - 6-10-16]

Las Vegas might be one of the most diverse communities in the country.

But even in an area known for racy fun, our city's newest spectacle promises to be unlike anything you've ever seen.

The worldwide event coming to Southern Nevada has participants ride bikes in the buff.

Organizers say 1,500 people have signed up for The World Naked Bike Ride. They are biking in the nude because, in their eyes, less is more!

The slogan for the event is "As bare as you dare." The event starts with a party Saturday night at the Erotic Heritage Museum.

"People come in and think it's a porn shop," said Victoria Hartmann, Executive Director of the Erotic Heritage Museum.

"We actually are an academic space," she continued.

Las Vegas is home to the largest erotic museum on the planet. Hartmann says the centerpiece is a two-story sex bike.

"While we were investigating cycling as it related to sexuality, we discovered this world-wide movement, the world naked bike ride," she explained.

The ride is a tradition in cities like Portland. It's coming to Las Vegas this weekend.

Those we talked to had mixed feelings about the event.

"Get out. Oh my goodness. I wouldn't do it. Too much exposure. Too much information flying around," said Lois Booker.

"If you want to be naked, go to one of these nudist colonies," Booker noted. "It's interesting. I don't know how it'll go with families in town."

Hundreds will show us all they have while riding the streets of Las Vegas. Hartmann says the ride is a fight against body shaming and fossil fuels.

"In Sin City, where there is so much sexuality, there's so much nudity on our billboards...and yet the act of being nude is criminalized here," said Hartmann.

"We just found that to be very hypocritical," she continued.

We have all heard the famous slogan: What happens here, stays here.

"I'd say the bike ride is a bit out of the ordinary, even for Las Vegas and certainly the news about it isn't going to stay here," said Nevada Historian Michael Green.

"Las Vegas itself advertises itself in a variety of ways from yes, what happens here, stays here, too we're a family destination," he continued.

Green says the bike ride doesn't quite fit in one of those campaigns.

"I'm wondering if they're going to make a free speech argument. We have the right to peacefully assemble. Yeah but you ought to wear a piece of something," he said.

Ride naked if you dare. Public nudity is illegal in Clark County. You may want to consider a g-string or pasties. If you get caught by police riding a bike naked, you can go to jail. It's a misdemeanor.

The route for the ride has not yet been announced. The party starts at 6:00pm. The ride will start sometime around 8:00pm.

"I just know the world isn't ready for a certain history professor to participate," noted Green.

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