Bitcoin mining company digs in Nevada

Bitcoin mining company digs in Nevada (MGN Online)

Nevada is a mining state so it should be no surprise a mining company is ready to set its stakes in Clark County.

What might be surprising is C4Mining digs for Bitcoin.

The company just got approval from the Governor’s Office of Economic Diversity to open up shop in Southern Nevada. The location is undisclosed for security reasons.

The company mines for Cryptocurrency. What sets C4 apart is how.

They have designed mobile data centers.

Twenty foot long mobile buildings full of computer processors that work around the clock solving complex math equations. The faster they solve those equations the higher up the Block Chain they go.

It’s the same as digging into a mountain looking for precious minerals.

Bitcoin values surged to near $20,000 in December and have since fallen to just over $8,000.

C4Mining is expecting to open in May.

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