Bizarre break-in: Thief uses pole to steal woman’s purse through doggie door

A suspect used a pole through a doggie door to steal a woman's purse from a home near Desert Inn and Pecos-McLeod. (Surveillance provided)

(KSNV) -- A bizarre home break-in is caught on surveillance camera in the southeast valley. The crook uses a pole left outside to fish a woman’s purse right off the kitchen counter through the doggie door.

The burglary occurred Sunday morning in a gated community near Desert Inn Road and Pecos-McLeod.

“We just never thought that somebody would be this brazen,” said Stefan Wilhelmy who was out of town with his girlfriend Tiana when they received an alert about an intruder with a knife at their Las Vegas home.

“I felt violated. This guy is armed and we don’t know what he’s capable of,” said Tiana Cardona.

Minute by minute they watched as a half dozen surveillance cameras capture the suspect’s movements.

The video shows the suspect riding a bicycle into the area and headed to the backyard. He looks through windows and spots the purse on the counter and grabs some piping left outside and makes two attempts to fish out the purse through the doggie door. The suspect grabs the purse and takes off.

“I really don’t remember what I had in that purse because we were traveling. I had taken out my wallet and my keys to put in a smaller purse,” said Cardona.

The couple is just grateful no one was injured and their dog wasn’t home at the time. They are now planning some major changes to prevent this from happening again but they still want the suspect taken off the streets.

“I'm always thinking what if he comes back ... what if ... and it's those ‘what ifs’ that keep me up at night,” said Cardona.

If you recognize the man in the video, you can call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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