Black Mountain residents want to save golf course amid closure

Green shirt wearing #Henderson residents petition city council to save #BlackMountainGolfCourse which closed in Nov.

They wore green in solidarity. Their goal: Save Black Mountain Golf Course, which ceased operations back on November 25th.

At Tuesday's Henderson City Council meeting, time was allotted for public comment on the issue, and comment they did.

"The current situation is a shame and embarrassment to the entire city," said one homeowner.

"It has become an eyesore, and is in danger of becoming a product of zealous capitalism," said another.

"We are not going anywhere, you just can't chop us up," said yet another.

The popular golf course they speak of apparently wasn't popular enough with golfers. The previous owner forced to declare bankruptcy.

The new owner, who won the property at auction is a developer out of Boulder City.

Already, there is talk of transforming the Fairways into homes, but nothing official has been proposed, yet.

"We came from LA, and so the main concern is traffic and density. We've seen traffic and density. We know what it does," said homeowner Carolyn Cohen.

The homeowners are hoping the city will see fit to designate the area a historic site, limiting development.

"Henderson has a unique feel as being an old town Henderson... and I feel like we're losing that a little bit," said homeowner Melissa Douglas.

Legally, their hands may be tied, but these homeowners say they'll still voice their concerns, hoping to play to the emotions of the developer, city leaders, anyone, as long as there's a chance.

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