'BMK: Black Market Killer' billboard sprouts up at Spring Mountain, Valley View

Have you seen this billboard? It just popped up at Spring Mountain & Valley View. It’s a message from a Cannabis Dispensary to remind people to buy their Pot legally

Just west of the Strip, on Spring Mountain and Valley View, a new billboard sprouted up with a strong message from local, legal cannabis executives.

It reads: "BMK: Black Market Killer. Ditch your dealer, stop into a dispensary."

“It is our brick-through-the-window sort of approach," Acres Dispensary's Kevin Forde said. "But again, no disrespect to the hustle, but I think it’s about time we ditch the dealer and head into the dispensary.”

Forde says BMK is already a brand of marijuana that's sold in dispensaries throughout the state, and now it's being used as this slogan to try and make sure people buy their cannabis legally. Despite a legal, $500 million market in the state, Forde and other industry leaders say there are still many people out there who buy their cannabis illegally.

“There still is, in many ways, people who resort to other ways, sometimes not the legal ways, to engage with cannabis," Forde said. "This is our community-friendly reminder, sort of a brick through the window approach.”

After the economic impact report was released towards the end of 2018, the president of the Nevada Dispensary Association explained there is still a black market, and he's hoping to divert people away from it.

“The black market is still very much alive in our state,” Jolley said in an interview on October 26th, 2018. “We would like to see that demand for Cannabis products channeled into the regulated, legal framework, where we have high quality tested products that pay taxes and generate revenue for the state.”

One appeal of the black market, to some consumers, is the price of the product. However, Forde says he thinks dispensary prices will drop as the legal marijuana industry continues to bloom.

"Look, the prices aren't too much different. There's a little bit of tax on there," he said. “It’s about safety, right? You want to make sure that you can come into an environment where you can engage with somebody and get the product that you deserve and that you are asking for.”

As folks in the valley will inevitably drive by the billboard at some point, Forde hopes it will serve as a reminder that it is simpler and safer to buy marijuana legally from regulated dispensaries.

"We respect where this industry has came from, but it's time for people to understand that there is no need for a black market," Forde said. "The way to engage with cannabis is through a dispensary."

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