BMW Tupac Shakur was murdered in for sale in Las Vegas

Tupac's BMW (Archived video still: KSNV)

When it comes to high-end vehicles, Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas has just about everything.

"We've got everything, from the 100-year span of cars. 2015 Ferrari F12. Ford GT, they call it the heritage edition," says owner Ryan Hamilton from Celebrity of Cars of Las Vegas.

Hamilton says out of all the cars, it's a black, four-door BMW that's generating the most interest.

"We're asking $1.5 million", Hamilton told us.

It's the very car rapper Tupac Shukar was riding in when he was shot near East Flamingo and Koval 21-years-ago on September 7, 1996. He died 6 days later at UMC. No one was ever arrested for his murder.

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"Believe it or not several people actually owned it. They didn't know what they had and it has since been restored to the condition it's in now," Hamilton told us.

Hamilton says his company got the car from a private collector.

Back in 1996, it was leased to Suge Knight of "Death Row Records."

It was Knight who was driving when Tupac was shot. Their entourage having just left a Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand.

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For days, heartbroken admirers waited for news outside UMC.

"To me, he rapped about reality. Enough of us are dying already, we need to come together," says a fan.

To this day, fans continue to visit the spot where Tupac was shot. A power pole on East Flamingo covered with messages.

Hamilton says, "it's still very much in the media, there's movies coming out, TV shows coming out this year about who shot him and what happened. So there's still a lot going on."

Hamilton knows there are critics who say the car should never be sold. He believes there is a historical significance and offers have already come in from as far away as Dubai.

"Whether it's the spirits that live in the vehicle or what have you, all walks of life are interested", said Hamilton.

It's a simple black BMW, with a tragic story to tell.

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