Body camera video shows knife wielding man stab Las Vegas police officer

knife weilding man.JPG

LVMPD body camera video shows officers trying to calm down a suicidal man, Monday afternoon.

Motel management at the Kensington Suites off of Bonanza Road and Tonopah Drive, called the police to check on Spurgeon Daniels.

Spurgeon is seen in the video as an agitated man.

Detectives say earlier in the day, managers at the Kensington Suites spotted Spurgeon running around the motel naked.

When Spurgeon refused police commands, officers fired a taser.

The taser did not work. That is when Spurgeon is seen swiping one of the officers with a utility knife.

Officers then fired off another taser.

When the taser did not work again, Spurgeon immediately charged at the officers. One officer, fired two shots hitting Spurgeon in the stomach.

LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly says the officers did all they could to try to end the situation peacefully.

“On each one of those incidents, we have to take a critical look to ensure all of our tactics are sound," he said.

Assistant Sheriff Kelly says the department will look into the reason why those tasers did not work. He also says the officer who was cut with Spurgeon's knife is fortunate.

“Basically, replay this was there better things that could have been done as opposed to putting the officer in that position. He was very lucky.”

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