Body camera video shows shooting between police and suspected car thief

Body camera video shows the moment an officer and suspect got into a shootout near Tropicana and Arville. (LVMPD)

Police body camera video from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shows a police shootout in action.

Video taken from eight-year LVMPD police officer Robert Nelson shows the driver of a stolen truck, 25-year-old Miguel Salas, pull out a gun and start firing nine bullets.

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Investigators say Officer Nelson returned fire ten times.

Nelson was hit in the chest where his bulletproof vest did not cover. The bullet exited throughout his back.

Officers say one of Nelson's bullets hit Salas in the head.

LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts says his officers are lucky to be alive.

"He's very lucky, you know. Officer Nelson took a round right between his vest cover. He didn't hit any vital organs," said Roberts.

Video right before the shooting shows Salas refusing to listen to the officer's commands.

"Once the incident happened, they did their training kicked in, we were lucky without anybody getting killed," said Roberts.

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LVMPD says their investigation shows Salas was driving a stolen truck and had stolen cell phones.

Those phones led police to Salas, who was found sitting in a truck near Tropicana Avenue and Arville Street.

Police say Salas had two guns with him in the truck. Because of his criminal history and convictions, he should never have been in possession of firearms.

"He tried to start the vehicle twice. He didn't want to be there," said Roberts. "You can also tell he knew what he was doing. He was in possession of stolen property."

SWAT officers surrounded the truck following the shooting and made a tactical approach towards the vehicle. Salas was unresponsive and pronounced deceased on scene.

Nelson was taken to UMC Trauma and treated for his gunshot wound. A second officer was shot in the gun belt and did not sustain any major injuries.

This is the 15th officer-involved shooting for 2017.

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