Boulder City Animal Control gets $25,000 grant to help homeless animals

A $25,000 grant to Boulder City Animal Control, to help homeless animals. Who it came from, and what it will fund.

On Feb. 12th, Boulder City Animal Control's Ann Inabnitt and Police Chief Tim Shea will receive a $25,000 grant, made from Maddie's Pet Project in Nevada.

According to Inabnitt, the funds will be allocated as follows:

  • $12,000 towards spay/neuter/vaccines & other vet care through Heaven Can Wait
  • $10,000 towards advertising of pets seeking loving new homes
  • $3,000 towards the Cat Colony Room

“It’s going to cover a lot. It’s going to help us for 18 months on spays and neuters," Inabnitt said.

The process started during the summertime.

Inabnitt says she didn't know that a quick visit to the shelter last summer would lead to this grant.

“They said, send us an email and tell us what you could use money for. So, I did. Then in December we got a call and they said we’d like to give you $25,000. I nearly fell out of my chair.”

Inabnitt explained hundreds of animals will make their way through the Boulder City Animal Shelter every year.

“When I first took over we did 300 animals a year. Now, we’re seeing between 800 and 900 animals come through the door a year," she said. “We get a lot of animals that are dumped on the highway."

At the shelter, they deal with more than just cats and dogs.

"Rabbits, birds, fish, you name it, I've seen it," she said.

At the end of the day, the goal is to find these homeless pets a permanent home, according to Inabnitt.

“The shelter is a nice place. It’s clean, it’s comfortable, but, we don’t give them love 24-7," Inabnitt said. "We talk to them throughout the day, we do interact with them, we do brush them, walk them, but it’s just not the same as sitting on somebody’s lap. It’s just not the same snuggling with somebody in bed at night and being their world.”

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