Boulder City Housing Development to break ground

Boulder City Housing Development to break ground (KSNV)

It's a word you don't hear often in Boulder City: growth.

In fact, there's an ordinance on the books to help keep the small town, small.

But this week a new housing development is breaking ground, it's a side of Boulder City most visitors have never seen, riding the rails using your own pedal power.

Opening in just two months, "Rail Explorers" quickly finding a home in this town of 15,000 residents.

Michelle Davis the Operations Manager for Rail Explorers says, "There are so many options of things to do here and the town has been wonderfully inviting us to come in."

Wayne Laska with StoryBook Homes bringing in the first major development Boulder City has allowed in decades.

Laska told me, "If I had to raise my family, I would probably live in Boulder City."

Boulder Hills Estates is set to break ground this week providing options for Boulder City homebuyers.

"There are affordable homes here but most of them are 70-80 years old, built when the dam was built," says Laska.

While new construction is par for the course in nearby Las Vegas or Henderson, here in Boulder City a controlled growth ordinance has been in place since 1979.

Mayor Rodney Woodbury says, "It's a really big deal for us. The annual amount we're allowed to do is 120 homes per development. We haven't come close to that in recent years."

It's nice to get an infusion of new blood into the city and new ideas," says Mayor Woodbury.

Woodbury says the neighborhood will be good for the city's economy and tax base.

And back on the tracks, Davis buckles in for the four miles to Railroad Pass. Something different for Boulder City. Where small town charm never goes out of style.

Lastly, Davis states, "And then a train will come and you get to ride the train back."

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