Boxing: A costly controversy for local books

Boxing: A costly controversy for local books. 9/18/17 (KSNV)

At the final bell, it wasn’t Triple G’s aggression or Canelo's punching power. It was one judge that decided the fight and one judge that really ruined a Saturday night at sports books across Las Vegas.

“Great fight. Head scratching decision," Nick Bogdanovich with William Hill US told us. Westgate Sports Book’s John Murray gave his thoughts. “Our thought is we were very disappointed.”

Both Bogdanovich and Murray thought they had a win.

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin delivered until it didn't. Boxing fans got nonstop action. Golovkin a heavy favorite closed at around 16-1 and the bets came in.

It was looking like the house would win. Golovkin looked the better fighter in a close fight. That was to most people. Judge Adalaide Byrd thought Canelo Alvarez walked away with it. Scoring the fight 118-10 and sports books weren't happy.

“I don’t know if I want to get into the particular figures,” Murray told us. “But we would have won five or six times as much if it had gone Golovkin decision as it should have.”

“A lot of people got their money back," said Bogdanovich. “But a lot of people were happy. We had the draw at 20-1, so a lot of people cashed tickets. Depends on who you are.”

Sportsbooks have a short memory though, the controversial fight was followed by a lucrative NFL Sunday.

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