Boy, 15, to be tried as an adult in May fatal shooting of father, wounding of mother

Police tape surrounds the scene of a fatal shooting on Barrier Reef near South Fort Apache and West Sahara Drive on May 24, 2018. (KSNV file)

A 15-year-old boy will be tried as an adult in the late May fatal shooting of his father and wounding of his mother.

Noah Spielmann faces a Jan. 16, 2019, preliminary hearing in the shooting that occurred May 24, 2018, at the family home in The Lakes near South Fort Apache and West Sahara Avenue.

Warren Spielmann, 53, was killed and shot and died at UMC. Michele Spielmann was shot in the stomach and survived.

Police said the son shot his father in the head inside the family garage. The boy then shot his mother in the stomach inside their home.

The mother returned fire with another gun and hit her son near his groin area.

Just days before the shooting Michele Spielmann expressed concern about the behavior of her son, neighbors said.

The suspect has been held in juvenile custody since the shooting.

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