Boy with brain cancer gets Marvel with The Hulk


Officer Damon Cole appears as superheroes at local kids events, morphed into something more meaningful. When he’s off his full-time job as a police officer, you might see him as a superhero.

On Friday, he was The Hulk for Jacob Ramirez.

Ramirez has been fighting brain cancer since last December. But these few moments, when Ramirez smiled seeing the green beast was powerful for both the boy, his family, and Cole.

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"Him smiling that was worth it right there. that was what it is all about," Cole said.

Cole uses his off-days to travel around the nation to see kids. So far, he said he has gone to 20 states and marveled about 1000 sick kids.

Jacob’s mom, Tammi, is fighting to get him to Mexico for one-of-a-kind treatments. She said family’s from all over the world are at this treatment center.

Every month, they pack up and go for another costly treatment, each trip costs about $15,000. A heavy burden she takes on by raffling off baskets to help raise money, but for this moment her family gets to smile.

"Just that smile made my whole day," Ramirez said.

Cole will head back to Fort Worth tomorrow and be on duty by tomorrow night. He said knowing he could make her happy and put more attention on her cause is what his mission is all about.

To help Jacob a GoFundMe page has been set up, click here.

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