Bridging divides after the election: Joel Osteen one on one with News 3

As Americans, we are just coming off one of the most divisive election cycles our nation has ever seen. Chances are, you’ve had a disagreement with someone over something in the last several months.

News 3’s Reed Cowan interviewed megachurch leader Joel Osteen, preaching in Las Vegas, about how to build bridges in divided times.

Osteen, whose message of positive thinking has resulted in his latest book, Think Better, Live Better, took to the stage at the T-Mobile Arena to declare: “Every day is a gift from God, we can never get it back.” So also, he says, are the relationships in our lives.

Politics, he says, should never divide people who love each other.

“Reed, it’s just about treating others with respect. When you stop treating others with respect, you quit hearing people. Maybe it’s just about being open, knowing to be open to a lot of different views and believing that you may not be right all the time or thinking that maybe you are big enough to say you are going to listen and not get mad just because someone doesn’t believe like you believe," said Osteen.

Osteen says being defensive, or on the defensive about any issue, is the fastest way to stop hearing what the person opposite you has to say. And, that listening is an art.

“To not be defense, to not think you have to change everybody…that’s the key. You have to think, I know I’m not here to change everybody. Every person is made in the image of God. Maybe I’m right or maybe they’re right and I’m wrong. Could be," he told us.

Osteen's new book, "Think Better, Live Better" is available nationwide.

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