Build-A-Bear lines take over Galleria Mall for hours

A great deal on a teddy bear quickly turned chaotic across the country and overseas. In Henderson, some customers felt the store was not prepared for the overwhelming response.

Massive lines formed inside of the Galleria at Sunset. Some people got in line as early as 5 a.m. awaiting Build-A-Bear Workshops one-day promotion, “Pay your age.”

On Thursday, the price of the bears was the age of the customer sending thousands of groups with children to the store.

“I was hoping the line would maybe be about 3 hours, we have been here for five hours,” said Leann Kramer.

For Samantha Hernandez, this was a $14 dollar shopping trip with her 8-year-old and 5-year-old daughters. The money she saved was paid back in time after waiting four hours in line.

A big response prompted a big security presence.

“Build-A-Bear was prepared, we were prepared as much as possible. We pulled out all of our equipment to keep the lines under control. Our staff is working and security is out here,” said Jamie Cooper with Galleria Mall.

Security was not enough for some stores.

Build-A-Bear tweeting out a notice just a few hours after opening the east coast stores.

Down in Henderson, some customers say the store was not prepared.

“It is a little frustrating because I felt like they were not totally prepared. We have a number now, but we did not get that number until 20 minutes ago,” said Kramer.

There was not enough inventory for the demand, Build-A-Bear sent some who waited for hours home.

“Build-A-Bear has cut off the guaranteed bear for the day, due to the overwhelming response, but if you want to come to get a voucher, it is a $15 voucher,” said Cooper.

If you were in line and were not able to get a bear you can still get a voucher good for $15 off of your purchase here.

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