Loose bull caught after wandering through Las Vegas Streets


A bull went for a wild run near through Las Vegas streets Wednesday morning.

It was reported around 3 a.m near Rancho and Vegas Drives.

Investigators say the 800-1,200 pound bull was loose inside a neighborhood where residents are known for raising livestock.

Raynell Childs watched the standoff from her front yard.

“I said kids, if you're gonna be late, tell them there was a bull in our neighborhood,” said Raynell Childs.

Billy Saucedo said he came to the neighborhood to see if he could help in any way.

“What would you feel like if you had all these cop cars and helicopters after you?” asked Billy Saucedo. “You know what I'm saying?”

Scott Rockwell was at the doctor when the ordeal unfolded in front of the home he’s lived in for 50 years.

“There's plenty of evidence here,” he said pointing to hoofprints in his front yard.

“I’ll tell you what, if I had been out when this guy came through, I would've been heading right back inside,” said Scott Rockwell.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department attempted to tranquilize the anima,l but officers were unsuccessful.

Henderson police and Animal Control were called in to help.

A civilian who works with bulls attempted to lasso the large animal, but that also did not work.

Eventually, an off-duty officer who works with livestock was able to corral the wayward bull into a trailer without anyone getting hurt.

The bull was tagged, and police are now seeking its owner. The bull is currently in the custody of Animal Control. It’s being kept at Horseman’s Park for the time being.

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