Burglars kick cat during break-in at UFC fighter’s Las Vegas home

Burglars kick cat during break-in at UFC fighter’s Las Vegas home. (KSNV)

A UFC fighter’s home was burglarized in Las Vegas.

The heartless crooks ransacked Jessica-Rose Clark’s place and kicked her helpless cat so hard that it had to be euthanized.

It happened Thursday morning on the south side of Las Vegas near Wigwam and the 215.

Metro Police hope some good old-fashioned police work will help them catch the burglars.

Investigators spent hours lifting fingerprints in and around the home.

At the time, Clark was in St. Louis preparing for a fight.

“She has a fight in two days, so this is obviously the last thing she needs to be worrying about,” explained Clark’s roommate, Stephanie Michaels.

Stephanie Michaels said she was at work when the burglars got in through a window.

“They pried the solar screen off. We don't know if it was unlocked or what, but they got in this way,” she said while pointing to a downstairs window.

Police believe there are three burglars. They are still on the run and now facing burglary and animal abuse charges – both felonies.

Michaels doesn’t hold back when describing how she feels about the crooks.

“Something is so wrong in their lives that they need to do this. It's horrible,” noted Michaels.

The burglars left no room untouched. They stole electronics, collectibles, and even pillowcases.

But what hurts her the most, is what they did to their innocent cat, Dwight.

“He was wincing, meowing really sad if he was touched in a certain area,” she noted.

A veterinarian discovered Dwight had been kicked in the stomach.

“Multiple times or really, really hard once,” explained Michaels.

“His intestines and stomach were essentially being pushed up into his chest and into his throat. He wasn't going to make it long enough to make it into surgery,” she continued.

Michaels had to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize Dwight.

“That was the worst. I couldn't care less about anything that was taken. It's all things. You know? 30 years worth of things, but that's besides the point,” said Michaels.

“We still have the memories, but for him to be gone, you can't take that back. You can't get him back. That's the worst part of it all,” she continued.

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