'They broke my door': Thieves target five local businesses

Burglary spree targets five east side businesses

It was hardly a typical morning at an east side strip mall off Maryland Parkway and Pebble. When employees arrived to open for the day, they immediately noticed something was wrong.

"The doors had been opened and some hair had been taken, or so it seemed and there was glass all over the place," said Hottie Hair Salon employee Vanessa Hernandez.

Five businesses in all were hit, including a hair salon, a sushi restaurant, and a day spa.

"I'm mad because they broke my door. You know I had to fix them," said Peter Yu, who owns the spa.

Yu is frustrated, but also a little satisfied after watching the probably even more frustrated thieves on surveillance video get away with very little.

The video captured two burglars frantically milling about, looking for valuables, but walking away with only change.

Meantime out at the Hottie Hair Salon, "They stole very specific hair extension pieces from us, which is very odd because usually if someone burglarizes they just come out and sweep up what they want but they had taken very specific colors, very specific types of extensions," said owner Crystal Frehner.

Along with the hair, she says, about $300 was missing.

Police confirm the burglaries and say they are reviewing footage, the culprits likely looking at jail time.

Business owners suspect, based on the footage and other evidence left behind, it's only a matter of time before they're caught.

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