Burk Horizon alternative high school to remain open through August 2018


Burk Horizon, an alternative high school for students in the southwest valley, was set to close on Friday as a part of $14 million in budget cutbacks being made by the Clark County School District.

In a special session that was held on Tuesday, the CCSD board of trustees unanimously voted to allow the day program to remain open until August of 2018.

In a press release sent out by the Gina Piccolo, the principal of Burk Horizon, it was revealed that all Burk High School students may remain at Burk through the summer and continue to retrieve credits needed toward graduation.

There are currently 89 students who attend Burk Horizon. Some parents are very concerned for their children’s futures.

“Ok, so they renew it for another year. These kids need at least 2 or 3 years of this help, in order to graduate on time. What's going to happen to the kids next year?” said Michael Hughes, Burk Horizon Parent. “Please reconsider keeping the school open for all of the kids that are going to be coming to the school. This is a very important program.”

The school board is set to present a preliminary budget in April and adopt a final budget in May. Parents will know if the Burk Horizon day program will be included when that budget is approved.

CCSD says there are 20 alternative programs in the county, including a nighttime program at the same campus called Burk Sunset.

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