BUSTED: LVMPD, local agencies nab 29 criminal street gang members

LVMPD arrests (@AntonioNews3LV)

These are the faces of the 18th Street Gang -- a transnational criminal group.

LVMPD says the men and women pictured here allegedly brought violence all around the valley dating back to last year.

The suspected gang members are accused of murders, kidnappings, robberies, and drug trafficking.

Police say the gang was involved in 50-plus felony crimes.

"We are a safer community today because of the efforts of this investigation," District Attorney Steve Wolfson said.

Wolfson praised the actions of LVMPD and other law enforcement agencies that pursued the takedown of this notorious gang.

LVMPD gang unit detectives say illegal activities inside the High Desert State Prison tipped off authorities.

Conversations with convicted 18th Street prisoners created leads and led to successful investigations.

"The mission of the joint operation was to dominate and disrupt the gang's violent impact on the Las Vegas valley," Captain John Leon with the LVMPD Gang Unit said.

The 10-month operation led to 29 arrests. Gang unit officers say the main leader of the 18th Street Gang and his associates were arrested.

During the apprehension of these men and women, police confiscated 20 guns and various amounts of marijuana, meth and cocaine.

Lt. Reggie Rader with Metro Gang Unit said, "It's going to be a pretty significant dent, and they were in every corner of the valley. It just wasn’t just one section of the valley. I think we will see a reduction in overall crime."

Police say they will continue cracking down on all gang activity.

"Our goal with Metro is to become the safest community in America," Lt. Rader said. "We don't care if you are the leader of that gang. If you are operating in gang activity and terrorizing the community of this great valley, we will target you. You are going to end up on one of these boards."

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