Closure of US 95 slows down already-busy EDC weekend traffic

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    A major freeway closure is slowing down traffic just as we get into a busy weekend.

    More than 100,000 people are in town for EDC this weekend. On top of that, the billboard music awards are being held in Vegas, and many people are expected to head to Golden Knights watch parties, even though they're playing in Canada on Sunday.

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    With the US 95 shutting down in key areas, we're bound to see some traffic nightmares this weekend. Crews will be doing around the clock work on the I-15 southbound bridge over the 95.

    The US 95 is closed in both directions near the I-15

    This is the second of six planned closures, all a part of Project Neon.

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    The Nevada Department of Transportation says they understand this comes at a hectic time, especially with EDC, but they say they couldn't push the date back any further.

    "We have been in communication with EDC folks, coordinating our planning and traffic with them,” said Tony Illia, spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Transportation. “We considered pushing the closure a week but then that would bring us into Memorial Day weekend. And if we were to push it any further we're talking about weeks of delays that would ultimately cost tax payers time and money."

    The US 95 is expected to re-open around 4:00 Monday morning. Until then, people with plans should probably leave home a bit earlier than usual.

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