Car-nado closure right on schedule, not as bad as anticipated

We're about halfway through the major U.S. 95 interchange closure and told that everything is on schedule 12/21/16 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

It was billed as Car-nado, the major closure of northbound interchanges from I-15 to U.S. 95 that was anticipated to cause traffic havoc.

We're about halfway through that closure and NDOT is reporting the work is right on schedule with no issues so far.

"Hasn't been as bad as we anticipated," said Dale Keller, the project manager.

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Keller said the closure has gone better than expected although some drivers like Kelly Rayford are feeling it.

"Hopefully it'll be finished soon," said Rayford. "You have to get off the freeway and get around. Do a detour and get back on the freeway."

The bad news is Rayford and other drivers will have to wait another couple months until things are somewhat back to normal.

The good news is Keller says the project is right on schedule.

"We're right on track to where we thought we were going to be and we'll be ready to open that movement back up in February 2017," said Keller.

Other drivers like Laborn Hogan told News 3 the detours are something he'll gladly put up with.

"It's worth it," said Hogan. "I like this construction because it'll be easier because this Spaghetti Bowl right here is really hard. Once they finish that I think I will feel safer."

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Laborn and Rayford both agreed there are just too many accidents around the Spaghetti Bowl.

NDOT said the improvements they're planning are targeted toward reducing that danger.

As a whole, Keller said Project Neon still has about 900 days of work left before it's complete.

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