Car-Nado: Rise and shine 5 a.m. closure of I-15 NB to 95 NB

Next CarNado closure starts tomorrow morning. Drivers will no longer be able to take I 15 N to 95 NB. 10/27/16 (Christy Wilcox / KSNV)

By 5 a.m. Friday morning, the second half of car-nado comes to life at the Spaghetti Bowl. Ddrivers in the valley are already making their way around the first car-nado changes.

"More tearing up the street than they are doing fixing them," said one commuter.

NDOT said what comes down will eventually be bigger and better with the addition of an HOV flyover at the Spaghetti Bowl.

Still, drivers should be prepared for the next ramp closure on the I-15 northbound, shutting down parts of the Spaghetti Bowl for the next four months.

For those driving up the I-15 northbound headed to the 95 northbound, the road will be closed off.

Once the closure starts at 5 a.m. Friday morning, drivers on the I-15 north trying to get to the 95 north will use a temporary one-lane detour that NDOT has completed for drivers.

Those traveling on the I-15 southbound, that road is already blocked off to 95 northbound. Drivers are taking Lake Mead and heading west before they have to turn left onto Martin Luther King as a detour.

NDOT has put up orange detour signs along surface streets so that drivers can navigate back to the 95 north.

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