Carolyn Goodman wants to be Las Vegas mayor for four more years

Carolyn Goodman wants to be Las Vegas mayor for four more years

Thursday in her corner office, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman told News 3 she's not done.

“First of all, it's the greatest job,” she says.

And it’s the greatest job she wants to keep. She confirmed Thursday she's running for a third term.

If there's a Goodman platform for the next four years, she says it's what's been happening for the previous eight. She says it's continuing the transformation of Las Vegas into a world-class city.

“To me, if I had another four years I think I could really help move it along,” Goodman says.

For her, that means keeping the city safe and moving forward. In her next four years, she says she'd work to see Las Vegas become a health care hub, which is beginning to happen in the blossoming medical district off Charleston Boulevard.

“Down here, I want to see the expansion of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Institute,” says Goodman from her office overlooking Symphony Park, where the renowned brain health clinic sits.

“I want to see that UNLV Medical school take full shape,” she adds, talking about the campus that is planned near University Medical Center.

She says she wants to see more downtown development, and she hasn't given up her dream of converting old and worn Cashman Field and its 57 acres into something cool.

"Where it's walkable, it's mixed use," she tells me, adding, "retail, hotels, a sports complex, nice park."

In Las Vegas, it seems being a mayor and being a Goodman go together. Her husband, former mob attorney Oscar Goodman, ruled the town from 1999 to 2011.

In 2011, she won by 21 points. In 2015, it was a 13 point-victory.

In 2019, nobody else has jumped in the race -- yet.

“If people are feeling, 'Enough Goodman,' we'll definitely have substantive people come in,” Goodman says.

Candidate filing runs from January 22 to February 1.

If Goodman wins, term limits would make this her third and final term.

Any chance she’d change her mind about running?

“Unless you hit me head-on in my car, I am in. Totally in,” she says.

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