Casino offering Pokémon Go deals

    News 3 is tracking Pokemon Go trainers all over Sunset Park where hundreds gathered to play over the weekend. 7/11/2016 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV) - By now you've likely heard about the mobile game Pokémon Go. The game takes the '90s hit and requires players to get up and walk around to catch monsters they can use to battle other players.

    Millions of people are playing the game around the country and that means companies want to cash in on the foot traffic.

    "What we're actually seeing is a lot of adults are playing this and in a casino atmosphere it's perfect," said Kimiko Peterson of the Silverton Casino. "Here at Silverton Casino, we have four Pokémon stops and two gyms."

    Pokestops are places to gather tools within the game. One of them happens to be at the Mermaid's bar inside the Silverton, so Pokémon trainers over 21 are welcome to stay for a brew.

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    "If you show your Pokémon Go phone to the bartender now through Sunday, you'll get a $2 draft," Peterson said.

    It's cashing in on the hot game that people are starting to use more than hugely popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

    "We have to act really quickly and so we want to do what's best for everybody, so if everyone is excited about Pokémon Go, we want to be in the action as well," Peterson said.

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    Guys like 25-year-old Eduin Romero are on their radar. News 3 found him playing at Sunset Park.

    "It's crazy how much this is bringing people, you see anyone holding their phone, you know they're playing Pokémon Go," Romero said.

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    It's targeted marketing for customers who admit if it weren't for the game they'd likely just be sitting at home.

    "I wouldn't be outside, I'd probably be inside watching YouTube videos or something," Romero said.

    Not every business is taking the same approach. One picture was posted to Instagram with a sign reading, "Pokémon are for paying customers only."

    It's just another way to squeeze a couple bucks out of a game with popularity that is growing exponentially.

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