Casinos now taking bets on video game tournaments

Pro Gamer FATAL1TY says betting on video games was a natural progression of the sport. 11/25/16 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

Video games are evolving past a hobby and quickly turning into a professional sport.

For the first time, gamblers in Nevada were able to wager on who they thought were going to win a major video game tournament in California this week.

We found Dale Simmons and his family relaxing at Gameworks and indulging in some video games. Simmons has plenty of experience behind the controls.

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"I've been playing video games for about 20 years now," said Simmons.

For professional video game player Johnathan Wendel, better known as Fatal1ty, betting on eSports was the natural evolution of the technology.

"These gamers are playing for massive amounts of money and why can't it be treated like a traditional sport," said Wendel.

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Payouts on major tournaments easily reach six figures, so why not try your luck on who you think is going to win?

The first bets were made this weekend through a partnership between the Downtown Grand Casino and William Hill.

"People just want to be involved and involved in the excitement of it and people putting wagers on it that make it more exciting for them," said Wendel.

With that much money on the line and a few children growing up playing these games, Simmons says he'd be the dad who gets behind the idea of his children picking up a controller, professionally.

"My kids might want to grow up and be professional video game players one day and I'm going to encourage them every step of the way," said Simmons.

William Hill tells News 3 they're hoping to continue to take wagers on all major video game tournaments.

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