CCSD adopts Gender Diverse Policy in a 4-3 vote

CCSD adopts Gender Diverse Policy in a 4-3 vote

The nation's fifth-largest school district narrowly approved a controversial gender diverse policy, Thursday night.

It was a split vote, 4 to 3 in favor of the policy, reflecting the polarizing opinions of the crowd inside.

The Clark County Government Center was packed with parents, teachers, and students, continuing a year-long debate about gender identity issues within our school district.

This policy would apply to students who did not identify as male or female, as they were assigned by birth, as well as a variety of other gender diverse students. It also give teachers and principals guidelines on student issues, including which bathroom to use, locker room policies and overnight field trips.

However, this has been a heated issue. Some parents even threatened to pull their children from CCSD schools.

A spokesperson for the school district says this policy will take effect on the first day of school.

The Nevada Department of Education is working on developing its own gender diverse policy which would be statewide, although it is unclear how soon that might happen.

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