CCSD student speaks out after bullying almost killed her

Jalyss Tillman, a CCSD student, is now speaking out after experiencing bullying, and her plan to combat it. (KSNV)

Jalyss Tillman was in tears when recalling memories of bullying that went back to the 8th grade.

"They were always throwing jabs. Call me ugly, or fat, or stupid, or something like that and then umm, so I started missing a whole lot of school," said Tillman.

Tillman, who is now 21, broke down when speaking to News 3 about five bullies who made her life hell, from Swainston Middle School to Cheyenne High School.

"The main girl would always harass me in the math class and I was like I don't even know her, why she want to fight me," said Tillman.

Tillman is an aspiring fashion designer and created a shirt that reads, "I'm a blessing, not a bully." Fashion is a passion she wasn't focused on in school because she spent more time defending herself.

"She tried to fight me and I was about to fight her. I left the cafeteria I guess. After that, a week later, they all wanted to jump me because I tried to defend myself," said Tillman.

The bullying resulted in depression and eventually landed Tillman in the hospital after she attempted to hurt herself.

Tillman's mother, Renne Carter, was her only rock.

"As a parent, you just want to say, 'Can't I take your place? Can I jump in and take your place?" said Carter.

Tillman's mother echoed a thought that many CCSD parents have. Earlier this year, two parents won a $400,000 lawsuit against CCSD for bullying that occurred to their children in 2011.

The school district did take action, creating a "Say No to Bullying" website and encouraging parents to come together to help end the violence. But Carter says the school district isn't doing enough.

"We shouldn't have a high suicide rate of these kids from being bullied. You go to school to get an education, not to get bullied," said Carter.

The CDC says 17-percent of students from 9th to 12th grade considered attempting suicide in 2015.

Tillman says she took online classes during 10th and 11th grade but wanted a traditional high school experience for her senior year. Her mother enrolled her into Legacy High School. Unfortunately, the bullying continued and she is still on the road to completing her degree.

However, Tillman is taking a stand and plans on holding monthly support groups to help others combat bullying. If you would like to join these support groups, you can get in touch with Jalyss by emailing her at or calling her at 702-890-3705.

She also plans on holding an anti-bullying fashion show this upcoming spring break. For more information, you can head to

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